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CFP closed

The CFP closed on Jul 1, 2019 at 04:00am MDT

Thank you for all submitted proposals!

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EmberCamp Chicago 2019 is now accepting proposals for talks. We are looking for practical talks, workshops, and - new this year- the option to propose an activity that you outline in your CFP! We can't wait to see what you propose!

Proposing Activities

We'd love to have some more interactive sessions this year! Propose your activities based on Ember, the camp theme, or just something fun to do with everyone.

How Does This Work?

Proposals will be accepted from May 15th through June 15th. We'll be accepting talks on a rolling basis, so your odds are indeed better if you submit earlier, though we'll definitely leave slots open to the very end. We'll also attempt to send feedback sooner than our final evaluation, so the earlier you submit, the more chance you'll have to tweak your pitch and improve your odds.

What Is EmberCamp Chicago Looking For?

Conference talks will be 30 or 10 minutes. Workshops or Activities can be 30 - 90 minutes.

While there are sometimes talks that could be good fits for any generic technical conference, it is important that most of the talks at EmberCamp Chicago tie their topics into Ember. For example, if you have a general talk with demos, expect to update your demos to work with Ember.

What Do Speakers Get?

If your talk is selected you'll receive the following:

—a free pass to attend the conference
—speaker honorarium
—invitation to the speaker dinner
—special speaker-only gifts
—$500 in airfare or hotel funding (reimbursement)

Each year we hope and plan to help put additional moneys towards expenses (as in, in addition to the honorarium and baseline $500), but this will depend upon sponsorships and ticket sales. We're optimistic and will update speakers as things develop.

What Else Should Speakers Know?

EmberCamp Chicago is intended to be an inclusive, welcoming conference for everyone. Our Code of Conduct can be found here: http://embercamp.com/code-of-conduct

NOTE: If you are accepted as a speaker and have already purchased a ticket, we'll refund it, 100%. So don't wait, be sure you have a seat either way!

If you have questions others might, or want to brainstorm with Ember friends, there's an ember-camp channel in the Ember Community Discord chat.

Conference information: http://embercamp.com

Questions? Bugs? Email [email protected]


We'll add to this as we notice questions coming from multiple sources.

1. Can I edit my proposal after I submit it?

Very much yes! In fact, that's the idea—you get feedback, and then you edit to improve! We typically only consider proposals that are well-detailed and give us sufficient confidence that the proposed talk will be a good one.

2. I submitted a proposal but haven't received any feedback. Is everything alright?

Yep! Not all submissions will receive feedback. This is partially because our resources are limited, but also because some of them will be 100% clear, and no clarifications will be required. So not getting any feedback isn't an indicator of how your proposal has been received.

Also, of course, the earlier you submit, the more likely it is that you'll receive questions and/or feedback from reviewers.

3. My employer can cover my travel expenses. Can they receive sponsorship credit for that?

They can indeed! Please inform us upon acceptance. We haven't added anything asking about this to the submission form, as we don't want financial considerations to accidentally influence final acceptances.