EmberConf 2016 closed

EmberConf 2016 is now accepting proposals for talks. Join us March 29-30 in the great city of Portland, OR.

Proposals will be accepted from November 9th through December 5th at 11:59pm pacific time. We'll be accepting talks on a rolling basis, so your odds are indeed better if you submit earlier, but we'll definitely leave slots open to the very end. We'll also attempt to send feedback sooner than our final evaluation, so the earlier you submit, the more chance you'll have to tweak your pitch and improve your odds.

The first several rounds of reviews in our CFP are blind. To respect this process, please refrain from including biographical information in your talk abstract or details. Note that this also means if you receive any feedback, the reviewers don't know who you are. Again, refrain from identifying yourself (or any existing relationships with the reviewer) in any exchanges as part of this process.

Talks will be 30 minutes total; if you'd like time to take questions, plan for a 25 minute talk followed by questions.

If your talk is selected you'll receive the following:

  • —a free pass to attend the conference
  • —$500 speaker honorarium
  • —invitation to a fantastic foodie-heaven speaker dinner at Simpatica Dining Hall
  • —special speaker-only gifts

...and other special speaker privileges and invitations. We're also hoping to help put additional moneys towards expenses (as in, in addition to the honorarium), but this will depend upon sponsorships and ticket sales. We're optimistic and will update speakers as things develop; last year we were able to reimburse speakers for 100% of travel and accommodation expenses.

EmberConf is intended to be an inclusive, welcoming conference for everyone. Our Code of Conduct can be found here: http://emberconf.com/about.html#code-of-conduct.

NOTE: If you are accepted as a speaker and have already purchased a ticket, we'll refund it, 100%. So don't wait, be sure you have a seat either way!

If you have questions others might, or want to brainstorm with Ember friends, there's an emberconf-cfp channel in the Ember Community Slack.

Want better chances of getting in?: Submit a video pitch! And by that, I don't mean a pitch for why we should accept your talk. Pretend we did, and submit a video advertising the talk to potential attendees. If your talk is selected, we'll use these clips (:20 to 1:00) to promote you and the conference. Just include a YouTube URL in the field where we ask for your Pitch Video. We won't see these in the blind phase, but we'll go through them when making final decisions and resolving tiebreakers. Not a requirement, and if you're uncomfortable with a video of your person being out there, feel free to be creative and show us something else instead :)

Conference information: http://www.emberconf.com/
Questions? email events@tilde.io.

Hit an issue with the CFP app? Submit a GitHub issue and we'll do our best to fix!

If you think this app looks fishy on mobile, you're right, it might! We'll try and do a better job on responsiveness for 2017 <3.


We'll add to this as we notice questions coming from multiple sources.

1. Can I edit my proposal after I submit it?

Very much yes! In fact, that's the idea—you get feedback, and then you edit to improve, and then you get accepted <3

Also, this means you shouldn't hold up submitting because you haven't finished something like your video yet. Info that doesn't get seen in the blind phase is even less urgent, though we don't want you to put it off indefinitely.

Once the CFP ends of course, things are a lot more final.

2. Can I have more than one presenter?

Our thoughts on this are nuanced. The blanket answer is yes, you can submit a talk with as many presenters as you'd like—the app will allow it.

Digging in a bit though, talks with multiple speakers are significantly less likely to get accepted. If we have any, it'll probably be limited to one in the entire program. In practice, they're just incredibly difficult to do well, and so when there are enough single-speaker proposals, we're more likely to choose the less risky path.

Please note: we budget for one honorarium (and eventually, one expense coverage budget) per speaker. Talks with multiple speakers will most likely end up needing to split any funding.

3. Doesn't this silly app have a DRAFT state??

It did! Somewhere along our various merges and rebases it got lost, and we didn't want to hold up opening the CFP for it :( If you'd like to use the app to store your draft proposals, do it anyway! Just prefix your Title with [Draft]; the review committee won't look at anything with that tag, and will check back once it's been removed.

4. Do you have a list of ideas? Or are there specific things you want to hear about?

Why yes we do! Now, to be clear, ideas don't have to come from our list, this is just something small we came up with to help a few folks with a jump start.

You can find a list of ideas here, along with a recording from a CFP brainstorming video chat on 11/22, where members of the Core Team and Program Committee answered questions, talked about the CFP process, and provided ideas for content they might like to see. The recording (audio only, though in reality there was video) is about an hour long and contains lots of good stuff. If you're already familiar with our CFP app and our process, feel free to jump to about five and a half minutes in to get to the start of the group discussions.

If you hear anything in the recording that feels like it lacks context, it's probably because we could all see each other, and also had access to a chat app. Sorry we couldn't record that stuff too!

5. I submitted a proposal but haven't received any feedback. Is everything alright?

Yep! Not all submissions will receive feedback. This is partially because our resources are limited, but also because some of them will be 100% clear, and no clarifications will be required. So not getting any feedback isn't an indicator of how your proposal has been received.

Also, of course, the earlier you submit, the more likely it is that you'll receive questions and/or feedback from reviewers.

CFP Stats

121 proposals